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Three Ways Technology can Increase Efficiency in Your Organisation

The “normal” workplace looks very different to what it did five years ago, even one year ago. Shortages of staff in general, remote workforces, specialist skillsets, staff working longer hours and the list goes on. More than ever, employers are looking to improve the efficiencies and productivity of their current workforce where possible.

Here are three ways technology has contributed to improvements in efficiency and productivity:

1. Technology simplifies time-consuming tasks.

Take for example our Standard Operating Procedures feature. Your SOPs can be integrated into the platform (just once) and every time that situation occurs, the procedural steps automatically list for every required team member. As they carry out their roles, the steps can automatically be ticked off and recorded as completed. You end up with an auditable historic log of what occurred, at actual times, that can stand-up in a court of law, if required.

2. Turning over recurring and monotonous tasks to technology, increases productivity, reduces the chance for human error and can mitigate risk.

Instead of spending time writing on large pieces of paper or filling out spreadsheets, our Time Stamp function ensures that every action performed by your team is recorded to the second. Regardless of whether it is a routine job or major incident every action and update is recorded automatically.

The Chronicler platform automatically prioritises jobs for you based on urgency and time. This function allows you to manage all your active incidents based on importance and duration. This ensures your team are focused on the highest priority situation that has been outstanding the longest

There is no need to worry that messages may not get passed to all staff; our automatic notification alerts will notify key staff groups of issues and updates as they occur. So critical time is not wasted sitting on the radio or phone trying to contact staff who need to be made aware of issues as they occur.

3. Allowing technology to do the heavy lifting allows you and your employees to focus on:
  • core business tasks;

  • more informed decision making; and

  • revenue-generating or in some cases, “life-saving” activities.

Forget the loss of paperwork, loss of time filling out forms, or mistakes being made, our customised forms function can digitise all existing paper forms including customisable fields and digital signatures. You will wonder why you didn’t turn to Chronicler sooner.

Nothing can beat real time live data and that is what the Chronicler dashboard offers – view live statistics on a clear and concise dashboard where 80% or more of operational data can be seen on one screen.

The live KPI tracking allows you to view incident response, scene times and transport times by job type. This improves the quality of decision making. The KPI tracking assists in identifying and reporting trends and predicting future service needs.

When it comes to increasing productivity, our Orchestrator solution supports intelligent, flexible rostering, which enables the user to customise rosters to match staff and business preferences.

The combination of our GPS Tracking and Job Dispatch via SMS functions which gives Control Room staff an instant picture of where all team members are, where seconds count, knowing who is closest to an incident can save lives. Consequently, teams can be quickly and efficiently sent job details via SMS or Push notifications ensuring they have accurate and up to date information immediately.

We have discussed how our Chronicler and Orchestrator platforms have been built to maximise efficiency and productivity in incident management. Regardless of the platform it is a good decision to streamline and automate processes to save you time money, and increase efficiency and productivity.

Reach out to the Chronosoft team for a live demo of our solutions to see how you can improve productivity and efficiency within your organisation.


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