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Chronosoft Locator is a powerful GPS tracking solution designed to help you track and manage your personnel and fleet in real-time. Whether you're dealing with congested networks or limited reception,


Locator is built to perform.

By using Locator, you can enhance your situational awareness and capability to respond to incidents as they occur. It is a powerful tool that can help to optimise your operations and keep your team and assets safe.

What Locator can do for you

Dynamic Tracking

Real time visibility of staff, vehicles, and other assets. 

Multilayer Mapping

Layered viewing options with satellite, terrain, and street map views utilising ArcGIS and ESRI sources,

Custom Mapping

Ability to add course routes, map layers of precincts, road closures, or event spaces

Resource Statuses

Users can indicate the unavailability of resources by marking them as "out of service."

Incident Management

Integration with Chronicler incident management system for quick incident response

Flexible Mapping

Flexibility to draw additional paths or zones

Live Weather

Real-time weather information can be overlaid onto the display, providing live weather updates.

Manage Crews

The system facilitates users in viewing crew member availability, details, and the resources that are currently accessible.

Playback and Audit

Route playback and audit functionality for added accountability

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