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5 types of Site Hazards to include in your Risk Assessment

Before you design the risk matrix for your next event, it is imperative to understand the various types of site hazards that can occur at any time.

While these risks may vary depending on the venue and nature of the event, there are 5 common site hazards every event manager should consider:

  1. Physical risk. Such as slippery floors, broken stage, and anything that can physically harm an individual

  2. Personnel risk. May include lack of staff training during an incident, missing crew or patron, and their impact on your incident management response

  3. Physiological/Biological risk. Such as food allergy, dust allergy, or COVID related risk

  4. Technological risk. Including a weak network connection, issues with your incident management platform, data breach and so on.

  5. Environmental risk. For example, bad weather, waste management, or chemical spillage that can harm both people and the environment

With Chronicler‘s real time view of the event, your control room staff can predict issues before they arise, enabling them to proactively mitigate any potential risk.

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