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A New Zealand Stadium Improves Their Command, Control & Communication Processes

A large well-known stadium in Auckland, New Zealand engaged Chronosoft to deliver a venue wide incident management platform. Following discussions with the client, Chronosoft identified that multiple streams of data were coming into the site and not being unified in their Event Control Room.

The Chronosoft team found that information and intelligence generated by the represented stakeholders was not being centrally captured and recorded.

The Stadium management team were also facing the challenge of enhancing their patron engagement and customer service with their current patron’s SMS platform. To resolve these difficulties, we deployed Chronicler – our customisable incident management platform. The Solution Chronicler’s geo-mapping feature allowed all users in the control room to see the site maps of the venue including multiple levels, the local area and match specific maps. This enabled users to switch between multiple layers, providing improved decision-making capabilities.

Staff from Security, Medical, Venue, Ticketing and Catering, were provided with individual, siloed access to Chronicler. Each of these agencies have specific customisations in their work tasks ensuring they can optimise their efficiency.

For the Patron Hotline, we created a standard set of questions that the operator was required to ask each caller. Each time they created a new job the prompts would appear on the screen. This ensured that pertinent information was recorded accurately and appropriate action could be taken. All jobs entered into Chronicler across the venue were recorded sequentially allowing management to search for the relevant information instantly.

The patron’s existing SMS line was integrated via API into Chronicler. This allowed message threads to be grouped by SMS number, enabling improved customer service. Common responses to SMS questions were also entered, improving the speed and accuracy of text responses.

This unique SMS number allowed patrons to send a text message through Chronicler to make enquiries or report issues. Each SMS was recorded in the same way as every other job in the system therefore maintaining a central bank of information for the entire event.

Chronosoft also collaborated with the contracted medical provider and other industry experts to help improve the capture of patient information and disposition. Using the same standards utilised within Hospital Emergency Departments, the system allows patrons self-presenting to the first aid rooms or being brought in by Medical or Security to be triaged and treated according to their medical condition.

The patient’s journey is then recorded and can be tracked and measured. Restricted access levels maintained the confidentiality and security of patron’s information.

Chronicler’s incident reports and automatic data entry features replaced their existing paper-based process, enabling the management to analyse trends and patterns that occurred within their site.

This integrated event wide platform allowed stadium management to improve their overall efficiency by streamlining information channels and allowing all their data and statistics to be presented in a single portal and report.

We continue to work with this Client and others to innovate and improve operations within Stadiums, Arenas and Venues.


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