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A Safe and Enjoyable Ekka Experience

Chronosoft partners with Infront Security Services to give Queenslanders a Safe and Enjoyable Ekka Experience

The Royal Queensland Show (Ekka) is no ordinary festival. It’s Queensland’s largest and most loved annual event, entertaining around 400,000 patrons for ten days with a wide variety of displays, rides, shows and showbags. There are competitions for livestock, cattle, cats and dogs; Food, wine and handy-crafts; And exciting country events like the wood-chop and sawing competitions.

It’s a dynamic event with many moving parts, so it would be a real headache for event organisers if they didn’t have Chronosoft and Infront Security Services working in partnership to ensure all the logistics run smoothly and the public get the safe enjoyable patron experience they expect.

Chronosoft have worked with Infront Security Services at the Ekka for a number of years and provide a tailor-made deployment of Chronicler event and incident management software which includes:

Planning – Detailed analysis of the data from previous years to predict busy and quiet times, identify potential hazards and bottlenecks, and plan the resources that will be required if incidents happen.

GPS Optimised Incident Response – GPS mapping of all security staff with site-specific overlays to ensure faster, more accurate deployment of resources.

Logistics Management – Pre-programmed jobs to ensure relevant security staff are on hand, in the right locations to ensure animal trailers, horse floats, entertainers or even monster cars can gain safe access to site and receive a guided escort to their specific performance venue.

Time Stamped Reporting – Accurate time stamped reports sent instantly to key stakeholders so they can act proactively rather than reactively during an event.

These are just some of the features Chronosoft deployed to ensure the smooth running and safe protection of patrons at the Royal Queensland Show. With our software powering the expert team from Infront Security Services, patrons can relax and enjoy the wonderful experience of Queensland’s largest event.


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