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Better safe than sued

Imagine the scenario: a fatal incident occurs at an event you’re running.

Event response teams and emergency services scramble to the scene but despite their best efforts, the worst has occurred. Some staff in the control room look at their watches and scribble down their notes about the incident in a notebook, others type it into their Excel spreadsheet using a computer clock as a guide, nobody is sharing their accounts of the incident in real time and anyone could go back later and change the data.

Months or years down the track, you’re taken to court over the incident. Suddenly you’re scrambling to find and collate everyone’s notes on the event; deciphering illegible handwriting, trawling through information that’s irrelevant to the incident in question. Nobody’s recollection of the timing of the incident management matches up. No-one agrees on which agency responded first or the order in which actions were taken. You’re accused of poorly managing incident response and failing to mitigate risks.

Unfortunately, this scenario isn’t far fetched. Fortunately, the solution isn’t far fetched either. Chronosoft provide technology that is revolutionising control centres at crowded events and establishments – sporting stadiums, entertainment arenas, festivals, shows, amusement parks, even shopping complexes and healthcare facilities. It ensures better communication, better response times and ultimately makes any scenario safer for everyone. Chronosoft market leading software, Chronicler, is the most efficient way managers of crowded spaces can manage incidents.

Chronicler allows a control room to:

  • GPS track your crews and staff with a site map overlay, allowing you to dispatch the closest appropriate resource when needed

  • Employ deep medical integration so your health agencies are connected and can collaborate to facilitate better medical responses

  • Access real time reporting and analytics including live response times and statistics for all agencies during your event so you can be proactive, not just reactive

  • and create time stamped incident reports that are accurate down to the second

While all of these tools are useful, possibly the most valuable tool in an event manager’s arsenal against litigation is the accurate time stamped incident records. The power to automatically capture every factor which influenced an incident and all actions taken to create a record of how your team responded is the best proof you need that you’ve upheld your duty of care. This record also helps you improve your future planning and increases contractor accountability. So while it’s enhancing your ability to save your patrons from harm, it’s also ensuring you have the best defence against court proceedings.


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