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Chronosoft + Register Now: New integration to maximise patron safety

Chronosoft, a leading provider of customisable incident management solutions, recently announced a new integration for Chronicler, Chronosoft’s operation and incident management platform with Register Now, a premier registration platform for mass participation sports events in Australia and New Zealand.

This data-driven integration primarily maximises patron safety through direct flow of information between these two participants-centric platforms. In case of an emergency, this integration will enable Chronicler to deliver Event Managers and incident responders, up-to-date and precise data leveraged from Register Now, to help them make better and informed decisions.

The link will especially excel at mass-participation sporting and endurance events as medical teams will be able to have immediate access to participant registration information including medical history and emergency contact details simply by adding the participant’s race number to the incident record.

“The risk index for life threatening incidents at a mass-participation endurance event is significantly high. It is our top priority to help our clients proactively mitigate any safety or legal risk and deliver a safe, memorable experience to all participants. This integration enables us to do that quite efficiently.” – Edward Swete Kelly, Co-Founder & Director at Chronosoft.

The direct flow of data between Register Now and Chronicler further facilitates staff efficiency by eliminating the time spent in manually exporting and loading data into various systems.

“We are thrilled to have worked with the Register Now team during this process. The integration has the potential to save lives and will definitely maximise patron safety at mass participation sporting events, which is central to Chronosoft’s mission.” – Edward said.

“Chronosoft’s Chronicler solution is a fantastic safety tool for event organisers. This integration highlights the future of events and data – accurate data collected and securely stored that is accessible via secure API connections will be imperative to all events. We are happy to be working with Chronosoft who recognise the value and opportunity of this live connection.” Matt Bisset, CEO at Register Now.

Chronosoft continues to deliver industry-leading customisable solutions to enhance communication, collaboration, efficiency, and the overall patron experience.

The new integration is available live for users in Australia and New Zealand.


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