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GPS enabled incident reporting

Event app incident reporting is changing the way we report emergencies.

If you’ve ever been in a mosh pit at a crowded music festival, you’ll know how hard it can be to get help if you need it. What can you do if someone around you faints or gets trampled?

In the past, it’s been down to the people around an emergency to get themselves out of it. Fighting through the crowds to find help, and then somehow directing the response teams back in, losing valuable life-saving minutes in the process.

Thankfully for anyone who attends crowded events, that’s all changing.

Queensland innovators, Chronosoft, are developing software that puts incident reporting directly into the hands of event attendees.

The technology, being developed as one of the many upgrades and additions to their revolutionary ‘Chronicler’ event management software, allows festival and event organisers to add a GPS enabled incident reporting button to their event smartphone application.

This allows anyone who has downloaded the event application to immediately report an incident. So at the click of a button they can summon the help of security if there’s a fight, the medical crew if there’s an accident or even the clean-up crew if someone indulges a little too much and makes a mess that needs cleaning up fast!

As soon as any user – staff or attendee – clicks to report an incident, it drops a pin on the event map and creates a job for the control room to action.

This state-of-the-art technology, from Chronosoft, puts incident reporting in the place most patrons check frequently to see what’s happening. And the real-time, GPS tracked, time stamped reporting results in more efficient response times and more efficient management of every incident, every event, every time.


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