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Is your Control Room doing its best?

Take the test to see if your Control Room is doing its best.

Wherever you find large crowds, there’s an increased chance of emergency incidents occurring; festivals and events, large retail outlets, sporting stadiums, entertainment arenas, even transport providers and large healthcare facilities. Australian ‘duty of care’ legislation places the onus squarely on organisers and managers to take proactive measures to provide the highest level of protection against risks to people’s health and safety. But what exactly does that mean?

  • You’re obligated to avoid acts or omissions which a reasonable person could foresee might injure or harm someone;

  • You must be able to show you’ve anticipated risks and taken care to prevent them from occurring;

  • and you must be able to demonstrate you’re proactive in taking the highest level of care in response to risks.

You can’t pass the buck either. In Australia (and many other countries), the law says if you’re using a premises for an event, you automatically owe a duty of care to any person on the premises, even if you don’t own it. So your duty of care extends to choosing reasonably safe venues in the first place.

Even with a safe venue, the best planning and an existing established control room, the unexpected can and does occur. In an age where the public expect a higher level of care than ever before, anticipating foreseeable harm can be overwhelming. There are some ways to help keep people safe while protecting yourself from litigation.

Ask yourself: does you rcontrol centre pass the test?

  1. Does your record keeping stack up? Are your incidents accurately recorded, time stamped and reported to key team members, with detailed logging ready in case of litigation?

  2. Can different crowd and emergency services (e.g. Security, Medical, Command, Cleaning, Maintenance, Police, Ambulance & Fire) all share important incident management information from one control room portal?

  3. Do you have access to real-time data and analytics that can help you predict, monitor and prevent incidents?

  4. Can you GPS track key emergency staff to ensure you’re dispatching the closest responder to incidents?

  5. Can key staff access the control room software via a mobile device or app?

If you answered ‘No’ to any of these questions, there is more you can be doing to ensure you’re meeting your obligations. Chronicler, the event and incident management software from Chronosoft automates and manages all five of the challenges listed above. This not only adds up to better safety for patrons but also helps you prove that you actively mitigated risks and had an efficient response to incidents. Chronicler allows you to have full control of your control centre to better manage every event, every incident, every time and ensure you’re meeting your duty of care.


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