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Launching Chronicler

The Splendour in the Grass Festival is taking place again this July in beautiful Byron Bay, and while lots of concert-goers have their own special pre-Splendour rituals and preparations underway, our team are preparing more than any other.

Now in the fourth year of working with Australia’s largest winter music festival, Chronosoft is deploying its flagship product, Chronicler, a control centre solution that will manage the response to the thousands of incidents – safety, security, medical and logistical – that will occur during the event. The software system revolutionises event and incident management by allowing instant, time stamped data and communications sharing between the agencies working out of Splendour’s 24/7 control centre.

It’s not just the festival site that needs efficient management of crowd safety personnel; ambulance, police and more. The camping areas do too, and they are open from 10am Wednesday 18 July until 5pm on Monday 23 July. Imagine having a duty of care to an anticipated 32,000+ ticketholders, plus staff stallholders, artists and their crews – it’s mind boggling! That’s why the control centre solution deployed by Chronosoft is so vital to the smooth running and safety of the event.

“I first worked with Splendour in the Grass eight years ago in one of their incident response teams,” says Chronosoft Director & Co-Founder Edward Swete Kelly, “Back then data was everywhere and there was no collation of information. You’d have people writing things down by hand, others using Excel spreadsheets. There was no way to harness all the data and share it between different agencies.”

Now that Splendour is using Chronicler, they can look at the big picture, plan for and anticipate incidents and respond faster and more efficiently to them. Every year, the Chronosoft team find ways to make the system even more efficient and responsive. Last year they introduced a medical triage element to the software that acted as a small hospital would, helping to ensure smooth patient flow and accurate record-keeping for the medical team.

This year, Chronosoft is introducing GPS tracking of key staff. The GPS system was first implemented by Chronosoft during the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast. It allows the control centre to see GPS tracked individuals located as markers on top of a site map overlay allowing the control room to dispatch the closest personnel to an incident the moment it’s reported. When a person is in a life-or-death situation, the extra time saved by getting staff to an incident sooner can literally be a life-saver.

So if you (or your teenage kids) are preparing for Splendour this year, you can be rest assured Chronosoft is working in the background to keep everyone safer than ever.


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