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Mitigating Risks at a Mass Participation Event

Case Study: Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder is considered to be one the toughest obstacle courses in the world. Tough Mudder is a mass participation event held in semi-remote locations or on sites that are difficult to access. Even with stringent safety measures there can be a high number of medical incidents and when something does go wrong, it can be quite a significant situation to manage.

Chronosoft were engaged to create and provide software which focuses on three key points,

(1) Managing all incidents that occurred on the course,

(2) capturing sensitive information of participants and,

(3) GPS tracking.

Chronosoft deployed their class leading incident management system Chronicler, which allowed all stakeholders to actively enter, monitor and contribute as required to achieve the best outcome for race participants. Due to poor internet connectivity, Chronosoft deployed a mini-server to the control room. This ensured uninterrupted connectivity during the event, to the Chronicler system.

Capturing key medical information of participants prior to an event allows medical teams to be on the front foot when responding to an incident. Each participant can voluntarily provide their medical history and next of kin information when they purchase a ticket. This information correlates to the bib number of the participant. If a participant is injured the bib number is entered into the Chronicler system which then provides critical information about the individual to the medical personnel on site.

All Medical and Safety team members were provided with GPS trackers. These are small devices worn on the individuals belt providing the continual position of teams. had the GPS tracking allowed the control room to monitor where the teams were on site. This allowed the control room to engage the closest team to a participant that required help.

The GPS trackers dramatically improved the response time to medical situations which fundamentally provided positive outcomes for participants who needed assistance.

Chronosoft supported Tough Mudder events and medical teams throughout Australia. The key features of the Chronicler system resulted in supporting numerous positive patient outcomes and ensuring the best care was provided to patrons.


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