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OLB: An Overview of Chronosoft's role in the funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

The passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on September 8th, 2022, marked a solemn and historic moment in history. Operation London Bridge (OLB), meticulously orchestrated and internationally scrutinised, demanded an all-encompassing, unwavering, and adaptable incident management system.

This was the largest no-notice event in modern history, with every agency, supplier, and individual involved requiring an immediate and coordinated response. Chronosoft's flagship solution, 'Chronicler,' was utilised by all agencies at all levels in the delivery of the period of mourning and the funeral of HM Elizabeth II. The challenges posed by OLB's monumental scale and complexity became a significant learning experience for Chronosoft, reshaping our understanding of event management, incident management, interagency interoperability, and collaboration.

Throughout the months and years leading up to OLB's activation, Chronosoft engaged in an intensive phase of strategic planning. This collaborative effort with the Greater London Authority and allied agencies, both government and non-government, was crucial to configuring and deploying the system. It taught us the value of close cooperation and how to tailor our technological solutions to the unique needs of each operation. The adaptability of Chronicler allowed consideration of each agency's needs and operational deliverables in the design and configuration. A defining lesson from OLB was the immense value of customisability. The adaptability of Chronicler empowered real-time adjustments, allowing us to shape process flows as the operation progressed. Our ability to mould and adapt to the death of a monarch and the changing operational landscape enabled us to respond in real-time to the needs and requirements of the operational agencies. This capacity underscored our commitment to crafting solutions that deeply resonate with the distinct needs of our clients. It showed us that one-size-fits-all approaches often fall short in complex and fluid situations.

The advanced mapping system and the Situational Report (SITREP) feature provided by Chronicler played a crucial role in offering essential visualizations and real-time updates. These insights highlighted the importance of furnishing decision-makers with data-driven information to swiftly make informed choices. This experience underscored the role of technology in enhancing situational awareness and bolstering operational efficiency.

Chronosoft's sophisticated mapping capability brought together diverse plans from various agencies. It combined the overall event overlay crafted by LS Events, the HVM barrier mapping by the police, and transport maps from TfL, among others. This allowed these plans to be overlaid and visualized concurrently, offering interagency a unified operating picture and situational awareness. Moreover, the capability to observe geofenced areas, locations of interest, and active incidents, along with the option to view central London through multiple map layers, elevated the tactical awareness of each control room.

Chronicler was deployed across multiple control rooms within the event footprint, each operating within a specific geographical or situational scope. Chronicler empowered each room to manage incidents as they unfolded, to escalate and share information with other control rooms as necessary. The robust user permissions of Chronicler facilitated this deployment, enabling individuals to stay informed about information relevant to their contribution to the overall big picture.

The Chronicler SITREP enabled the GLA to provide updates twice daily to senior government officials. The ability for each agency to collaborate, furnish their key operational deliverables, and consolidate forward-looking plans was pivotal to the successful execution of OLB. This approach saved significant time compared to traditional SITREP reporting.

The integration of multiple agencies and the refinement of notification processes were pivotal lessons in managing information overload. This optimization ensured that pertinent information reached the appropriate channels without overwhelming decision-makers. The engagement with diverse individuals and agencies, each with distinct clearance levels, underscored the significance of streamlined communication channels in high-stakes environments.

Chronicler's role as the cornerstone of Operation London Bridge underscored our commitment to learning from real-world experiences and employing those insights to strengthen our solutions. These lessons from OLB enabled us to streamline the process when providing the event-wide incident management solution for King Charles III and Queen Camilla's Coronation in May 2023, as well as in our service delivery to various government and non-government clients worldwide.


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