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Proactive and Reactive Control Rooms

Real-time reporting helps your control room predict issues before they arise.

There’s so much to consider when you’re in charge of an event or location where massive crowds gather. Keeping everything clean, functional and safe can be a challenge. Behind the scenes of any crowded space or large building like a sports stadium, shopping mall, healthcare facility, theme park or entertainment complex, there’s a busy control room reactively solving problems, and deploying resources.

But what if a control room could be proactive instead of reactive? Imagine if your team, instead of simply responding to incidents, could be freed up to spend more time predicting where an incident might break out and organising a pre-emptive strike to ward off the danger. This isn’t as far-fetched as it may seem, because Chonosoft has developed revolutionary event management software that allows your control room and management team to be ahead of the curve.

Chonosoft flagship product; Chronicler, lets all agencies in your response team access reporting, statistics and event analytics on the fly. This means they can start identifying trends and issues such as crowded gates and access routes before they become problematic. Having access to real time statistics can tell sporting venues what time people start getting a little too drunk to manage themselves safely, it can tell security teams where they need to allocate more staff at a rock concert, and the cleaning crews at a festivals can predict when the port-a-loos on heavily travelled routes will be needing refreshing. The benefits are widespread.

Chronicler also allows control rooms to GPS track staff to enable dynamic deployment of response teams. Incidents are resolved faster when you can send the closest qualified people to the location in question. Staff on the ground can also log jobs directly on the system rather than radioing them in, which means your control team can spend less time processing mundane tasks and more time actively preventing incidents before they occur.

Staff report incidents on the ground through the ChronoLink smart phone app and the data integrates instantly with the data being viewed by the control room. This creates a time-stamped log of every incident at every event, every time. These valuable reports can assist you in planning and preparation for the future, while also serving as proof you upheld the highest standards of duty of care. So while the software doesn’t actually make you psychic, it does the next best thing. It helps you predict issues before they arise, gets your venue running smoother and safer than ever before.


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