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Revolutionising Stadium Safety

What do Kendrick Lamar, Disney on Ice and Chronosoft all have in common? They’ve all worked at New Zealand’s Spark Arena. The renowned stadium in the heart of Auckland City seats 12,000 people and attracts some of the biggest sports and entertainment events in the world. With crowds that size, it’s vital that everything in the Arena runs smoothly and safely – so organisers called in the experts.

Chronosoft has years of experience keeping the control rooms of festivals and events running smoothly, and recently customised Chronicler, its flagship event and incident management software, to work in fixed arenas and stadiums.

The most significant customisation for deployment in fixed arenas like Spark Arena are its geo-location mapping functions. Chronosoft replace the grid references and coordinates used in its usual festival arrangement, with detailed stadium mapping and gate, aisle and seat references. When incidents of any kind occur, the control room can pinpoint the exact location with even greater accuracy than ever before.

The control room also know who should be in each seat, so can select the perfect response team for each situation and arm them with every relevant piece of information they need.

Big, powerful data

A stadium deployment of Chronicler doesn’t just improve incident response in the short term – it helps in the long term too. The longer the software is used in fixed environment, the more powerful it’s data and reporting becomes.

Aggregating data week in, week out rather than just from a one-off event allows people in the control room to pull up information and statistics from previous events of a similar type. This can help them identify trends in specific sections of the stadium, during particular times or under certain circumstances. So they can more accurately predict how the crowd will respond if the away team scores, or if it starts to rain.

It also allows control rooms and ground support to access individual incident reports so they can identify and keep a watchful eye on repeat offenders.

The valuable data doesn’t just help predict and mitigate risk in the moment, it also helps organisers plan for the next big event. Organisers can, for example, look at exactly how many staff they needed during the last Katy Perry concert or how often cleaning crews were required in the bathrooms during the last football match.

If you operate a stadium or similar fixed environment, Chronicler can help you save lives during your event – through more effective incident response – and it will save you time, money and stress when planning your next one.


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