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Safety on and off the Track

Chronosoft is keeping crowds of motorsports enthusiasts safe whilst ensuring on track responses follow protocol.

Organisers of motorsport events worldwide apply the same rigour to their crowd safety practices as they do to track safety and are always looking for ways to improve their systems and processes.

Chronosoft has customised Chronicler to fit within this unique niche of the event market enhancing both their control room, track and event management practices.

Being able to provide deep integration between the control room and on track crews as well as GPS tracked crowd-based safety, security and medical teams ensures incidents can be logged, handled and reported on quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

This allows organisers to stay focused on delivering a spectacular and safe experience to the thousands of fans in attendance, and ensures that the race teams can focus on what they do best.

What are some of the features that we integrate into this market?
  • Motorsport tracks are big open spaces with crowds that are spread out, we GPS track key resources so that we can deploy them quickly and efficiently.

  • Each category of motorsport racing has protocols relating to specific incidents or actions, we take these protocols and integrate them into the system, ensuring that you can tick them off as they are completed.

  • Our integrated database allows you to pull driver or team information based on a bib or car number.

  • Our file integration capabilities allows the event management to upload imagery and documentation critical to incidents that have occurred on track, these include our customisable digital forms.

Chronosoft deployed at the Red Rooster Sydney SuperNight 300 that took place on the third and fourth of August at Sydney Motorsport Park, Eastern Creek. With the championship hosting the first night race in 21 years, this added an extra level of complexity to the safety equation. SEAA, the security provider contracted to Sydney Motorsport Park looked to Chronosoft to help them mitigate risk and improve the patron experience that they take care of at every event.

We look forward to continuing to work with SEAA and other motorsport providers into the future to continue to improve Motor Sport in Australia and abroad.


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