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Solving event pains on the go

Our in-house development team solve event specific pain points on the spot

One of the keys to running an effective control room for a crowded event like Splendour in the Grass is the ability to problem-solve on the fly. As suppliers of the control room and incident management software for the festival, Chronosoft’s staff are always in attendance to assist.

This year’s Splendour in the Grass saw Chronosoft’s Medical Centre Module used to a greater extent than ever before. The module manages patient flow through the event’s medical centre in a similar way to how patient flow is managed in big hospitals. Patients are tracked from when they present to the medical team until they are discharged, and data entered by the staff can be viewed by team members in the control room that have the appropriate legal permissions to do so. This gives the team live feedback on the number of medical cases, their urgency and other potentially life-saving information.

At the end of the first day of this year’s festival, Chronosoft received feedback that response teams were finding two tasks a bit of a hassle:

  1. Integrating with the onsite Workplace Health and Safety team so they could manage the case from their end as they were external from the control room.

  2. Arranging entry for ambulances that were arriving at the site and allocating security staff to escort them to where they needed to be.

The on-site team relayed this information directly to Chronosoft’s in-house software developers who set to work on a solution immediately.

They responded by creating new functionality that let dispatch teams create a new job that linked to an existing job but operated independently with its own lifecycle. The relationship between the two jobs could be tracked and dispatchers could view all relevant information shared between the two. When the first job was marked as complete in the system, the second job could remain open while being worked on by WHS or security.

The development team managed to code and test this functionality overnight so that it was ready to deploy in the control room by the morning of day two. The new feature fit the specific style of incident management used by Splendour in the Grass perfectly and was so well integrated that support teams were using it heavily by the evening of day two.

By creating functionality to handle these routine workflows directly in the software, Chronosoft’s hyper-responsive in-house development team ensured incidents could be managed more efficiently, which allowed organisers to stay more focused on delivering a great experience to patrons of the event.


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