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Transforming Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre Operations with Chronosoft's Chronicler

As a Brisbane based company, supporting Australian and Brisbane venues is at the heart of Chronosoft’s mission. That’s why Chronosoft is delighted to announce we have partnered with the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre  (BCEC). Over the last six months, Chronosoft was engaged by the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (an ASM Global venue) to deploy Chronicler, configured specifically for the Centre.

The planning phase of the project commenced in late 2023, which involved a review of BCEC's existing incident management operations to understand their current processes. The system was configured to encompass detailed mapping of BCEC's facilities, custom-tailored incident categories including site, security and safety operations, seamless integration of pre-existing emergency management strategies, identification of CCTV camera placements, incorporation of lost property databases, incident and accident report forms, and the customisation of fields to capture BCEC's vital data.

Through Chronicler, our project aim was to enhance BCEC's logging capabilities by consolidating all existing information and procedures into a user-friendly interface. Following a thorough discovery phase, a trial period ensued, accompanied by in-person training sessions. BCEC was provided access to an isolated testing environment to evaluate the software’s functionality and provide feedback for further enhancements. Training sessions were tailored for key administrative personnel, as well as security and administrative staff, who will use the software in their daily operations.

Chronicler for BCEC was deployed in April of 2024 supporting all BAU and events operations held at the venue. The close relationship and detailed discovery phase were crucial for creating a system that is tailored to the requirements of BCEC as a venue.

Madonna Pinna, Security Manager at BCEC, provided insights into the impact of Chronicler within their control room, stating:

“Immediately after implementing Chronicler, we noticed a significant improvement and that a greater level of detail was able to be accurately recorded with multiple users at the same time. Previously this wasn’t a capability within our control room,” Madonna said.
“We also appreciated having the ability to link jobs, resources and services including Security, Safety and Site staff to attend an incident which made the log reports cleaner and easier to find and review as a team. The best part about working with the Chronosoft team and using Chronicler has been the ability to continue adding and refining the system as new ideas or incidents come to the forefront.”

Since the software's deployment, Chronicler has facilitated the logging, resolution, and management of over 300 incidents at the centre. Chronosoft will continue to collaborate with BCEC and ASM Global to innovate and improve the system as BCEC continues to grow and evolve as a venue.

To find out more about how Chronicler can assist your Venue, send us an email at or give us a call on +61 7 3063 4080 today!


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