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When all else fails, Chronosoft keeps working

Imagine how catastrophic it can be for crowded spaces when the network slows down and the event management systems used by organisers fail. How can they fulfil their duty of care without the power to communicate? The team at Chronosoft has experienced many critical situations like these in their years of event management and incident command, which is why they develop their solutions to cope with every eventuality. It’s done through a combination of smart software design and high-quality server infrastructures. Smart Software Design Small data can make a big difference. When a network is under strain, the smaller the amount of data you’re trying to send the better. The problem with a lot of apps and software is that they try to send and receive too much information all at once. The key to keeping our flagship incident management software running is shrinking the amount of network bandwidth being consumed. Chronosoft’s flagship software, Chronicler, shrinks the amount of data that has to be sent and received in every communication. That way, it sends fewer data packets and only needs a small amount of connectivity to function. Each message contains only the data that has changed, and the minimum amount of information needed to identify the job it relates to, rather than sending the entire job’s information in each update. Chronicler also uses clever compression so only a small number of data packets are needed for any given update. Even event sites with very poor network infrastructure and patchy 3G connections have proven to be sufficient to run Chronosoft’s Software. High Quality Server Infrastructure We’ve always got back-up. Chronosoft typically deploys Chronicler incident management software as a cloud-based solution. We use virtual servers deployed across two physical locations for network redundancy. And these can be set to mirror each other identically, so if one fails, the other steps up and takes over to ensure continuity. Some software suppliers might stop there, but we know from experience to expect the unexpected which is why for the largest events where performance is mission critical, we recommend supporting our cloud-based deployment with the ultimate back-up solution, ChronoBox. ChronoBox deployments can be used independently when an outside network connection is not available. They are delivered to an event pre-loaded with the full software deployment so if the main network connection goes out, or is unavailable, control room operators simply enter the local URL and the ChronoBox kicks into gear. Chronosoft smart software design and incident-proof infrastructure guarantee the organisers of crowded events can deliver on their legal duty of care no matter what failure occurs. And when you’re talking about major events, arenas, stadiums and critical infrastructure, it would be irresponsible for organisations to use anything else.


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