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Maximising a Minimal Workforce

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has turned the world upside-down, and the impacts to businesses are being felt in more ways than one. A shortage of good staff, understanding employees’ rights and a transient workforce are just some of the issues causing headaches for employers.

Since the international border closure in March 2020, Australia has seen a significant decline in overseas migration compared to previous years, predominantly affecting seasonal farm work and the hospitality industry. Domestic migration on the other hand, saw significant changes, with the most prevalent movement being 42,900 people leaving Victoria, and 43,900 people migrating to Queensland (Australian Bureau of Statistics,, March 2021).

In addition to being able to work remotely, COVID has caused many people to re-think their direction, take early retirement and opt for a ‘sea change’. Young Australians are either enrolling into universities instead of going into the workforce or are unskilled, or unwilling to work. All this, coupled with a lack of overseas ‘backpackers’, not to mention the uncertainty of future lockdowns, employers, particularly in the tourism sector, are having to deal with a transient workforce and a shortage of good, skilled workers. The majority of 35,500 jobs advertised on Seek in Queensland recently, were vacancies in the hospitality industry.

Effective and efficient training systems will keep the momentum going in your business, make hiring new employees easy to manage, and assist new employees in quickly learning and developing their skills, limiting any risk of loss of productivity. Shortages of staff can be managed by maximising the skill potential of the staff you have and rostering them in the most effective and productive manner – this can make all the difference to your bottom line.

An intelligent staff rostering and credential management solution, such as Orchestrator, can automate staff management for you. With this integration, you can rest assured that credentialed staff are being assigned to the open jobs. This helps you ensure that you deliver the highest standard of care to your patients and patrons.

For the staff, features like fatigue management policy and timely alerts for upcoming license expiration, help them remain legally compliant, whilst mitigating operational and legal risks for your organisation.

Reach out to our experts at Chronosoft to learn how centralised staff rostering and credential management can help your organisation maximise a minimal workforce. Alternatively, join our live demo to experience the customisability of Orchestrator and how it can save time and money for your organisation.


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