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Reopen with Advanced Safety and Efficiency

At Chronosoft, we understand the venues and events industry has been especially upended by the COVID-19 pandemic. As venues start to reopen, organisations must quickly adapt their operations to the new safety requirements to ensure they deliver a premium experience to their patrons.

Chronosoft shares three major steps that every operator should integrate in their reopening plan.

1. Review your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Ensure that your venue follows the latest guidelines specific to your region and revise your SOPs accordingly. A customisable incident management platform, such as Chronicler, enables you to integrate your SOPs with steps automatically recorded upon completion. This maximises your staff’s accountability whilst ensuring the safety of your patrons, which further mitigates your liability should litigation occurs.

2. Prepare your staff

Ensure the wellbeing of your frontend staff. An intelligent staff rostering and credential management platform, such as Orchestrator can help you record vaccination and recent test results as well as ensure COVID training, if your workforce needs to be on a surveillance cadence.

3. Stay informed

Keep an updated database of the recent positive cases and exposure sites in your region to ensure the safety of your staff and patrons. Chronicler allows you to integrate forms for positive cases, exposures, and symptomatic individuals list enabling you to deliver the highest standard of care at your venue.

Contact us or Book a live demo to learn how you can make your operations safer and more efficient with our customisable solutions – Chronicler and Orchestrator.

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