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Leveraging Event Control Rooms to Enhance Customer Experience

Event professionals and crowd managers are increasingly challenged by the need to balance operations and customer experience.

The event control is the nerve centre of any major event – Ensuring streamlined event management procedures, managing multiple lines of communication as well as logging, mapping and responding to incidents; all require careful thought and action.

When it comes to ensuring a great experience for patrons, event control rooms have traditionally been used as a responsive component and, even though they are vital to event operations, they are a sunk cost.

Chronosoft has developed Chronicler, allowing control rooms to add more value to their communications and operations. Through technology, event professionals can communicate better with patrons, improve response times and resources, collaborate more efficiently and enhance their management of situations.

The versatility of Chronicler enables its application across a diverse range of events and dynamic environments, from festivals to events, retail to transport; the system works to ensure lines of communication between patrons and operations are always open.

This succinct approach to streamlining communications allows for instant collaboration and incident transparency with management outside of the control room.

When multiple control rooms exist, information can be added, and jobs shared seamlessly. Subcontractors can monitor and manage their workload siloed from other agencies. This integration also makes it easy for agencies to work together, allowing them to share a job rapidly if they require assistance.

In conjunction with ensuring a rapid response from multiple stakeholders, Chronicler creates a centralised record of the entire incident.

For example, a member of the security team who has found an injured patron can share the necessary job information with the medical team, ensuring a seamless response and enhancing the customer experience.

As well as ensuring greater visibility of live data, the reporting of key incidents across all stakeholders couldn’t be more straightforward. Once a job is complete, reports can be automatically emailed to those who need them, ensuring the timely dissemination of information.

Time and category reporting can be pulled as and when required, enabling live data to be collated efficiently for briefings and meetings. Teams can enhance the review process by collating incidents by location and time; this feature can also help improve resourcing and rostering.

When it comes to customising the system, Chronicler offers an unrivalled level of customisable features, offering a simple gateway for patrons to ask questions, notify the control room of any issues, ask for help, and even send images as evidence. All SMS messages are created as incidents. They can be replied to or escalated as required from within the system to make them easier to manage.

Calls to an event hotline can also be integrated into the program, allowing them to be recorded and appended to jobs. Giving patrons the ability to speak directly with operational staff can save minutes in response time, and in a serious incident, could have a dramatic impact on the outcome.

Forms can be tailored to a specific format allowing for all incident, health and safety, eviction, security and medical reports to be centrally collated.

Customisable predictive questioning is integrated against certain jobs to ensure that the right information is gathered every time. For example, if a security team is radioing about a medical incident, the operator will ask them to answer set questions about the patient’s condition so that the right medical resourcing can be deployed, and the correct information is logged.

This approach makes for a safer environment for all patrons – a consistent, collaborative and timely approach ensures full visibility of incidents allowing a fast and fluid response. As well as predictive questioning, key documentation can be loaded into the system ready to address any situation.

Chronicler uses rule-based actions to ensure certain key stakeholder groups can be notified of incidents as soon as they occur. This allows for incident management strategies to be enacted right away, taking the pressure off control rooms during critical incidents. Update reporting ensures all parties are kept abreast of developments as they happen.

When it comes to selecting specific stakeholder groups, you can associate contact lists with geofencing rules, incident priority levels, or the category of the incident. This approach gives operational staff full control over who knows what and when.

GPS tracking allows response teams to be located at all times. The system offers two types of tracking: either a small tracker with a long battery life, which will work even in crowded spaces and poor reception areas, or through the associated phone app, ‘ChronoLink’.

A dedicated Chronosoft mapping server works in conjunction with the Chronicler system, allowing you to upload maps specifically for GPS tracking and georeferencing. This provides you with full visibility of all team members and associated stakeholders onsite. Resources can be easily managed, dispersed and directed quickly in response to incidents.

Chronicler offers the ability to integrate patron or participant information. For example, during a running event, it offers the ability to quickly find participant details such as critical medical information or next of kin.

Customer experience is the fundamental measure when it comes to understanding the success of an event. Event organisers are under increasing pressure to deliver an outstanding experience, and there is significant merit in ensuring a safe and operationally succinct experience.

Open lines of communication, responsive operational teams, visible security and fast response times – all of these factors play a part in delivering an excellent customer experience.

For event professionals, simplification of processes, enhanced risk mitigation and improved lines of communication can only make your job easier, allowing you to focus on customer service ensuring your clients, stakeholders and the event patrons have a great experience.


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